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Remember that as a requirement you must present yourself before the flight at the COUNTER of the airline to confirm the space of your PET and validate your documentation. This way you avoid delays and setbacks at boarding.

Pets can travel with you on most of our routes, if you previously reserve your space with our Call Center: 1800Equair or at our points of sale in Quito, Guayaquil or Santa Cruz.
You can request this service when booking your flight or at least 4 hours before the departure of your flight (subject to availability).
• Authorized pet: dogs, cats

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It is necessary to meet the following conditions:
• Pet must be at least 8 weeks old.
• Current vaccination certificate.
• The size and breed of your pet must be adequate to carry it safely in the cabin.
• Must be in good health and have a docile demeanor.
• You must take it inside a special transporter:

Transport Bag (Soft):

Measurements: 40 cm long X 33 cm wide X 23 cm high
Weight (between pet and container): 10 kg / 15 lbs
• The bag must have a closure that ensures that your pet does not come out during the flight.

Transport cage / Kennel (Hard):

36 cm long X 33 cm wide X 19 cm high.
Weight (between pet and container): 10 kg
To assure the safety of your pet, the cage must have a metal door with double lock and that makes it impossible to introduce its snout or paw into the slot.
• The carrier cannot have wheels.
• Must fit under the front seat in a horizontal position. For safety, we cannot assign seats in the first row or in the emergency exit
• It must be made of resistant material and that the pet cannot destroy.
• Have enough space for your pet to move and turn.
• Have a leak-proof absorbent waterproof base and adequate ventilation.
Service price: $25 per way


• The conditions of the bag or cage must strictly comply with the aforementioned requirements, otherwise we will not be able to ship your pet.
• In case of receiving complaints from a passenger sitting next to you and your pet, you must be relocated to another seat. If we do not have another seat on the same flight, you must be relocated to another flight with your pet.
• Due to operational restrictions, Equair may transport a maximum of 5 pets per flight.

If your dog exceeds the maximum size or weight allowed to travel in the cabin, don’t worry, you can take it safely in the hold of the plane; to do so, please call our call center at 1800 EQUAIR (378247).
• The specifications of your pet’s carrier (kennel) are essential to comply with what is necessary to protect your pet’s safety at all times.
• Similarly, your pet must be in good health, have a docile behavior, and be at least 8 weeks old.
• Only dogs and cats may travel in the hold.
Special cage for pets – Cellar
To guarantee the safety and well-being of your pet during the flight in the hold, it must comply with the following characteristics:
Width: maximum 1,10m/Height 0,80cm/Length 2,40m (kennel dimensions).
Weight (total between pet and carrier): Up to 50 kg.
It is important that your pet has enough space:
• Width: that allows it to turn (equivalent to twice the width of the pet).
• High: that allows you to stand without any part of your body touching your ceiling.
• Length: that allows your pet to lie down without touching the walls (length of the pet plus the size of its legs).

Special considerations:

We cannot transport brachycephalic breeds:
french bulldog
English bulldog
Shih Tzu

The cage must meet the following characteristics:
• The metal door must have a double lock, closing, that locks/secure the upper and lower part of the cage, and that makes it impossible for the pet to open the door. In addition, it must make it impossible to insert its snout or paw into the slot.
• The carrier material must be resistant to bending or firm pressure. Accepted materials are rigid plastic, solid wood, or metal.
• It must have a solid roof, without doors or ventilation openings where your pet can get out.
• An absorbent waterproof base.
• Adequate ventilation. One of the ends of the cage must have complete ventilation (it can be the door, always maintaining the security requirement that makes it impossible for your pet to leave) and have upper ventilation holes on the three remaining sides, with spacer bars that prevent said spaces are covered by other baggage, maintaining the security that your pet cannot get out or introduce its limbs.
• Must not have wheels.

If the carrier does not meet the above requirements, for security reasons, your pet will not be shipped.
Important: This service will be subject to confirmation by our EQUAIR team.

Service Value: In hold 15 USD for the special handling of the pet plus the total value of the weight of the pet and the kennel.

You can carry up to 2 pets in the hold, each in its own carrier. *Service subject to availability

Emotional Support Animals:

The transport of animals in the cabin as emotional support or assistance/guide dogs for people with disabilities is free of charge. Only one animal, dog or cat, is allowed per passenger depending on the space available on each aircraft.

  • The animal must be trained to behave correctly in spaces such as the aircraft cabin during the course of the flight. Must wear muzzle and leash at all times.
  • In case of being an emotional support dog, it must have an identification that accredits the dog as an emotional support animal.
  • The passenger must present at the window, a certificate issued by a qualified or licensed mental health doctor, whose issue does not exceed 90 days.
  • The certificate must indicate that the passenger is under the treatment of a mental health professional and that the pet is required for emotional support to travel.
  • In all cases you must have your vaccination certificate up to date
  • Note: The doctor’s certificate must be original, signed, sealed and has a maximum duration of 90 days from its issuance.


• Changes or refunds are subject to the conditions of the fare you purchased and must be requested before the departure of the flight.

• Search dogs for disaster survivors, with prior certification of their condition, are exempt from charges when traveling on humanitarian missions.

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