Special Services

Special in-flight assistance services

If you need special assistance during your flight, we are here to help. We offer services for passengers with specific needs. We also provide an escort service for children. Read on for more details and contact us in advance to book your service.

Physical, sensory or cognitive disability, reduced mobility, elderly, pregnancy, mother with baby.
We recommend that you make this minimum requirement 48 hours in advance (subject to availability).
At the time of boarding, during the flight and upon arrival at your destination, we will assist you in:

• Access to a special services counter at the airport.
• Priority for the boarding process.
• Priority in baggage reception upon arrival at your destination.
• Obtain guidance in your immigration or customs procedures.
• Pregnant passengers (from 29 to 39 weeks): Submit a medical certificate including dates of travel, destination and weeks of gestation. After week 40 they will not be able to travel.

Assistance will be provided to children and adolescents up to 12 years of age. * Adolescents between 12 and 17 years old is considered as an optional service.

• An airline official will accompany the minor throughout the boarding process until boarding the plane, where the assigned crew member will be attentive to the unaccompanied child throughout the flight.
• Upon arrival at your destination, the airline official will escort the minor to disembark and remove their luggage. The unaccompanied child will then be deliver to the person authorized by the parents.
Value of the service: $25 per route.


Our crew is not authorized to supply medications or provide any type of special or medical assistance, so if the minor is under medical treatment or has a disability condition, we will not be able to provide this service.

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Special Services

Travel without worries. We offer services for passengers with specific needs. We also provide an escort service for children.


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